Sayeed Language Services

Translation services

Sayeed Language Services is based in Finland and obviously we offer the usual English to Finnish translation services. And we are able to handle just about any field of expertise when translating between English and Finnish.

Our main translators are bilingual native speakers of English and Finnish.

Sayeed Language Services has partners in all five continents. So, we are able to offer translation services from major European languages (German, French, Russian etc.) into major Middle Eastern languages (Arabic, Turkish etc.) or major Far Eastern languages (Chinese, Japanese etc.) and vice versa, or from Middle Eastern languages to Far Eastern and vice versa.

We also work with Scandinavian, East European and South Asian languages. We can translate between Scandinavian and Middle Eastern (eg. Finnish<>Kurdish, Swedish<>Arabic) or between South Asian and Far Eastern (Hindi<>Chinese) or between East European and Scandinavian etc.

Through our contacts, we can also find translators in rare language pairs.

When it comes to translations from or into English, you realistically expect to find a translator in any language on this planet!

The world isn’t really that big a place and we make it even smaller.

Because the cost of translation depends on so many factors, we prefer to agree the agree on a price for each individual project separately. If you have a continuous need for a particular kind of service we can agree on a fixed rate.

Contact us and we can determine a price based on your needs.

Sayeed Language Services