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Language teaching and cultural training

Having one eye is a handicap. It limits what you can see.

Having one hand is a handicap. It limits what you can do.

Now, if you’re lucky enough to born with both eyes and both hand, there’s nothing you can do to grow a new eyes or new hands. You can not have more than two eyes or two hands.

But, there doesn’t have to be a limit to the number of languages and cultures that you know.

And each culture that you know gives you a fuller picture of life and each language that you speak gives you new possibilities.

As a company based in Finland, we are especially interested in helping foreigners living in Finland to learn the Finnish language and get by in the Finnish cultural environment.

And also in helping Finns to learn new languages.

We design our courses to help you overcome the challenges that you face as an individual from your language background.

We work with language professionals in different countries and with different backgrounds and we are able to provide specialized language training. We can offer particular kind of language (e.g. English for Doctors, Business Japanese, Syrian Arabic etc.) and with a particular group of learners in mind (e.g. Medical English for Italian speaking Doctors)

The best option is always to have a live teacher, who can give you personal attention.

But, if that is not possible, we offer a second solution.

Teaching and Training through video calls and on-line resources

We can put you in a virtual class with at teacher in another city or even another country. 

The advantages of this are:

  1. You can find a native speaker of the language you want to learn, who also knows your mother tongue. (This may not otherwise be possible, if you’re living outside of your country or home region)
  2. You can find teachers of languages that are not taught in your location

We are continuously designing better and more effective on-line lessons with audio recordings.

The advantages of on-line material are:

  1. You can do the exercises at any time convenient to you, even if a teacher would not be available
  2. You can listen to the audio recordings again and again
  3. You can do the exercises as many times need or want to

We will notify about new course packages and their prices on this site.

Whatever other language you want to learn and for whatever purpose, contact us and we will give an offer.</lang_en]

Sayeed Language Services