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Marketing Assistance

Our partners include business consultants, marketing experts, lawyers, book keepers and so on from all over the world.

Our professionals are experts in their respective professional fields and experts of their own countries and cultures.

Therefore we are able to provide the following consultancy services:

–          Marketing consultancy

–          Legal Consultancy

–          Cultural consultancy

We also work with experts, who are able to help you design a marketing plan and advertisement campaigns or to adjust your existing advertisements to the target culture.

In some cases, we may be able to help you to find an agent or retailers in the target country or region.

Just tell us your needs and we will find you solutions!

Consultancy services will be charged by the hour.

Advertisement assistance or design will be charged per project.

Agent services will be charged on a provision basis.

Because the cost of these services depends on so many factors, we prefer to agree on a price for each individual project separately. If you have a continuous need for a particular kind of service we can agree on a fixed rate. 

Sayeed Language Services