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Localization and Globalization

Languages are spoken in different cultural surroundings. Some languages are spoken in many different countries and each country, where the language is spoken, has a distinct way using that language. (e.g. American and British English, Lebanese and Egyptian Arabic, Mexican and Argentinean Spanish)

And even where the standard language does not differ, the culture and spoken language are different.

So, often a text that appeals to, for example, speakers of British English may not be as appealing to Argentineans or Egyptians, if translated literally.

This is where localization comes into picture.

Localization means rewriting a source text with a particular target audience and their culture in mind.

An example of localization is this website. If you compare the pages in different languages, you will notice small differences which are there on purpose. The pages have been written with the readers and their interests in mind.

In order to localize a text, we need to know, who the target audience is. (e.g. Americans, Argentineans, Egyptians, Finns etc.) and we will select a translator acquainted with the language and culture of your target audience.

We work with IT specialists and language experts who are able localize your texts, your software and your products to suit the needs of the target audience.

What if you do not have a particular audience in mind, but you want your text to appeal to all speakers of the target language(s)?

We can also globalize your text.

This means that we write the text without using any expressions or idioms restricted to a particular region, where the target language is spoken, and without using any terms that might offend the cultural, religious or political sentiments of any speaker of the target languages.

At this point it is important to make clear that Sayeed Language Services will not translate anything that is offensive to a particular religion or ethnic group.

If we notice something in a source text that might be offensive to your target audience or to a particular religion or ethnic group, we will tell you about and together we can decide what to do!

Because the cost of translation depends on so many factors, we prefer to agree on a price for each individual project separately. If you have a continuous need for a particular kind of service we can agree on a fixed rate.

Contact us and we can determine a price based on your needs.

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