Sayeed Language Services

Interpretation services

As a company based in Finland, we obviously provide a wide range of interpretation services in Finland.

But, since we have contacts on all five continents, we are able to find interpreters all around the world who are able to come to your location to cater for your language needs where you are!

Now, there are many advantages to having an interpreter at your location, but if that is too expensive or completely impossible, we offer another option.

Interpreting through phone or video call

We can put you into contact with an interpreter in just about anywhere in the world by phone.

We use Skype, Voip and Yahoo! to make international phone calls, so the cost will not astronomical, even if you need to use Japanese<>Arabic interpreter in Egypt to help on your business meeting in Berlin!

 We can also make a video call to your computer.

 The advantages of this option are:

  1. You can get in to touch with an interpreter even when time or money does not allow for one to come on the location in person (e.g. foreign language speaking patient is rushed to the hospital and an interpreter is needed immediately)
  2. You can get hold of an interpreter working with a language that is impossible to find near to you. (e.g. Japanese<>Arabic interpreter in Berlin)
  3. You won’t need to pay for travel and accommodation expenses
  4. Telephone or video call interpreting can be billed in minutes or quarters of an hour, while a live interpreting is always billed by the hour.
  5. Video calls can even be used for sign language interpreters

The cost for interpreting depends on a number of factors and we prefer to determine a price separately for each individual project. If you have a continuous need for a particular kind of service we can agree on a fixed rate.

Sayeed Language Services