Sayeed Language Services

Language barriers? Cultural barriers? We bridge over the barriers!

  • Whatever your language needs are, Sayeed Language Services can cater for them.

    Companies often have a need for many kinds of language-related services.Since we offer a wide range of services, you don’t need to waste any time searching for different service providers.

    e.g. if you want a web-site in 10 languages (some of which might use completely different writing systems) and you want to be sure that the content appeals to the respective cultures of your readers and that there won’t be any technical surprises with languages written in characters (i.e. Chinese, Japanese) or from right to left (i.e. Arabic, Urdu), then just ask us! We will see it through.
    Or if you want to make sure that your company’s delegate doesn’t ruin a deal with a foreign client or partner, we offer both language tuition and cultural training.

  • About Us

    Sayeed Language Services is the brainchild of Roni Adnan Sayeed.

    Roni Adnan Sayeed is himself of mixed descent (Iraqi-Iranian-Indian father and Ashkenazi-Swedish-Finnish mother) and while growing up in Finland, he was exposed to several languages, cultures and religions.

    He was also lucky to have inherited exceptional natural language skills.

    He has honed those natural skills through a lifetime of learning and by working as a translator, interpreter and language teacher since 2001.

    He saw that the world market needs many kinds of language related services and many had no idea were to look for those services.

    During his career he has built a network with other experts and in 2009 he established Sayeed Language Services to cater for a need for comprehensive language services.

    While being based in Finland, Sayeed Language Services brings together the expertise and innovation of professionals from all around the world.!

  • Language

  • Services

    • Translation
    • Interpreting
    • Phone and Video Call Interpreting
    • Wed-page Design
    • Web-site Localization
    • Product Localization
    • Specialized Language Training
    • Cultural Training
    • Marketing Assistance
  • How can you be sure that you get the quality you need?

    We work with dedicated professionals, who are experts in their languages and in the trade that they work in.

    We have partners in all five continents and can offer you a wide range of language services in a wide range of languages.

    And if you order all your services from the same place, we can offer you a very attractive package price for all services.

  • Contact

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Sayeed Language Services